Ali- Former alcoholic and wife-beater to follower of Christ

Ali was addicted to alcohol and used to beat his wife everyday because he could not control himself. Determined to get rid of his alcohol addiction, Ali made this prayer in 16:14 “How can I reach you, God? I don’t know how to do this. But I know you are there. I pray to you with all my heart. I want you to reveal yourself to me. Save me from the grip of alcohol. I want you to save me!”

Jesus answered his prayer and came to him in his dream that very night and touched him. In 22:40, he discovered that half of his chest hair became white and a voice said to him, “You will see greater things than this.” His life was changed after then and even more so when he finally had access to The New Testament two years later from a radio program- “Call to Peace”. He received the book ten days later and read the entire book in a night without sleeping.

In Ali’s own words, 34:53 “A dream changed my life because I was looking for salvation. And I found salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. So I say to you who are tired and struggling… I plead with you.. search for the true God and give all your problems to him.”

Amazing Grace, amazing testimony on how a wife-beater became a loving husband, father and a preacher for God.


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